Buying a Falabella

British Horse Society advice from 5 January 2021 following the latest lockdown announcement for England,
and are expected to remain in place until mid-February.
Viewing, buying and selling horses
Covid secure measures must be fully implemented when viewing and /or collecting purchased horses for transportation.
The collection of purchased horses is dependent on the individual circumstances and is at the discretion of the buyer if it is considered essential travel to collect the horse during the current lockdown, or if this can wait until lockdown has ended.

If you are considering purchasing a Falabella, it is important that you take the following into consideration:

Is it a pure Falabella that you want?
A Falabella is a pedigree horse - by definition all pedigree animals must be of 100% bloodlines.

We strongly recommend that you only consider horses that have been DNA tested and registered with us.
 The BFS/TFS is the ONLY authorised Falabella studbook for Europe.

"I hereby state that The British Falabella Studbook, held and managed by Ms. Stella Dutchyn,
is recognized by the Registry of the Minihorses Falabella and the Association of Breeders of Falabella Horses (ACCF in Spanish).
No other entity in the United Kingdom holds such status."

9th August 2018
Alejandro C. Gramajo
Official Registry Manager and Head of the ACCF in the Republic of Argentina.

The British Falabella Studbook now incorporates the Falabella Studbook Europe and has become
The Falabella Studbook.

In recent years the Falabella name has been abused by several unscrupulous breeders in order to assist them in their marketing of part-bred Falabellas as genuine ones, aided and abetted by the ambiguous wording on one society's register.
Many people will say that they have a Falabella, or believe they have been sold one, only to find that when the pedigree has been checked that their pedigree cannot be traced back to Argentina 100%.

  We will be happy to check any pedigrees for you before you make your purchase.


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