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The Falabella Studbook (TFS) incorporates the Falabella Studbook Europe (FSE).
The Falabella Studbook (TFS) is the authorised daughter studbook of Asociacion de Criadores de Caballos Falabella (ACCF). 
ACCF has not authorised, recognised, and has no relationship whatsoever with European Falabella Studbook (EFS).
ACCF is a closed studbook that only recognises those bloodlines that directly descend from those horses bred by Sr. Julio Cesar Falabella (the originator of the breed) and subsequently inherited by his wife, Maria Luisa B de Falabella, and his daughter, Maria Angelica Falabella and duly registered by ACCF and/or TFS.
ACCF has been recognised by the Undersecretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Ministry of Economy of Argentina through Resolution No. 21/1991, and holds the genealogical records of the Falabella Breed as approved by the National Directorate of Livestock Control and Trade through Provision No. 2/1991.


(for passports scroll down)

The Society will enter into the breeding book, animals of the same breed that are eligible for entry under the Society’s breed criteria, without discrimination on account of their country of origin.

To register a Falabella please complete the form clearly, including a telephone number and email address so that we can contact you if there is a problem.

If you need advice these are our local representatives:

Czech: Sabina Kupkova:-  skupkova@centum.cz
 Denmark: Lotte and Poul Erik Just:-  revelhoj@gmail.com
 France: Monika Meier:-  dealba.pferde@gmail.com
 Germany:- Monika Meier:-  dealba.pferde@gmail.com
 Ireland: Elaine Hunt:-  falabellafilly@gmail.com
 Italy: Claudio Bonzanni:-  cab.cl@virgilio.it
 Poland: Katarzyna Plewka:-  kplewka@tiravento.pl
Slovakia: Sabina Kupkova:-  skupkova@centum.cz
 Switzerland:- Monika Meier:-  dealba.pferde@gmail.com

Please include 2 photos (one of each side) a hair sample of pulled mane or tail hair for DNA testing and copies of the pedigrees of sire and dam.

TFS registration, certificate and DNA report: 85 Euros or 70 GBP.
Replacement certificate: 25 Euros or 20 GBP.
Copy of DNA profile: 15 Euros or 12 GBP.
Stallion license: 60 Euros or 50 GBP.
Passport stickers for Europe: 10 Euros or 8 GBP.

Our UK passports are provided for us by the IMHPS so everything must be sent to them and a copy of the pedigree will appear in the passport. For this reason you need to register the horse with us first.

For DNA Testing

Please pull (not cut) approximately 30 mane hairs from your horse.
Place them in an envelope or plastic bag, writing the name of the horse on the bag.

Please fill in the attached form clearly, and if you have an email address please add that to the form
so that if there is a query Stella can contact you.
Form to be typed to fill in and payment to be made by paypal to - registrar@thefalabellastudbook.com

or bank transfer (contact for details) and must be sent with with application.
Application will not be started till payment is received.

Stella Dutchyn, 83 High Street, Walcott, Lincoln, Lincs, LN4 3SW, UK

Please do not send your samples by recorded delivery - if there is no one there to receive it we have a long journey to collect it.

Click here for registration form (PDF) and TYPE information.

The hair sample will be sent to The Animal Genetics Lab, Cornwall for testing.
It is anticipated that the laboratory will take approx. 2 weeks.

If you wish to discuss the DNA sample please feel free to email Stella at registrar@thefalabellastudbook.com
or tel
ephone 07966576061 and leave a message.

Click here for Stallion licence form.

To passport your Falabella/Falabella foal please follow this link http://www.imhps.com

TFS is dedicated to promoting and breeding high quality Falabella miniature horses.
We offer help and advice throughout the UK and Europe via individual contacts.

All Falabellas registered in TFS must be proven to DNA parentage qualify meaning their pedigrees can be traced back to the studbook of origin the Asociacion de Criadores de Caballos Falabella. 

TFS makes every effort to manage the studbook in the best interests of its members. TFS is fully committed to the principles of equality, inclusion and diversity, and aims to ensure that no individual receives more or less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, sex (gender), disability, race or ethnicity, parental, marriage or civil partnership, or marital status, pregnancy or maternity.


About Us
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Falabellas for sale