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The British Falabella Studbook was established in 2002, after Mrs. Stella Dutchyn obtained the coveted ‘Daughter Studbook’ authorization status from the Mother Studbook in Argentina, the Asociacion De Criadores De Caballos Falabella, the ACCF.
Prior to this Mrs. Susan Eckholdt had raised the subject of UK Falabella registration with Sra. Maria Luisa de Falabella on a visit to Buenos Aires in 1997, discussing the possibility of creating a British Studbook which would be run along the same lines as the Dutch Falabella Studbook which was established in 1995 and which later became the European Falabella Studbook/FSE.

We obtained ‘Passport Issuing Organisation’ Authority (PIO) from the Department for the Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) shortly after that.

In 2011 DEFRA removed our PIO status by mistake. They ignored our protestations for over five years, but during a fifteen month investigation involving the Advertising Standards Authority (between May 2017 and August 2018) this was proven to be down to a DEFRA office error.
DEFRA have invited us to re-apply for PIO authority and we anticipate that we will be issuing passports again in 2019.

More information on this and any other aspect of Falabella registration, care, and/or purchase can be obtained from:-

Starlite Falabella Stud:- 01775 840859 or 07966 576061 (Lincolnshire)
Equuleus Falabella Stud:- 01953 718548 (Norfolk)

Fort Farm Falabella Stud:- 01959 533935 or 07880 664098 (Kent)


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