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Page updated 15th August 2022

We are the ONLY studbook for PURE Falabellas
Advertising Falabellas For Sale

All horses advertised on this website MUST be registered with either ‘The Falabella Studbook’ (formally The British Falabella Studbook)
or the ‘Falabella Studbook Europa’ (Falabella Stamboek).
All advert wording must be sent in a form that can be copied and pasted – i.e. Word document/Text file/email etc.
We will duplicate exactly what you supply so will not be responsible for any errors.

Please include age, height, Sire and Dam, general description and how it is registered.
Please state location, price and contact email and/or phone number.

Photos ideally 600x450 pixels although if larger we can resize down. Smaller photos will generally not display so well.
Maximum three photos, preferably both sides and head shot.
And please let us know when you sell the horse.
Submit your ad to mail@falabellahorses.com

Please ensure that payment is made at the time of submitting an advert.
60 EUR or 50 GBP for 1 year.
Bank transfers (contact us for our bank details) or Paypal payments (our Paypal address is mail@falabellahorses.com).
The advert and payment reference will be your name.

Falabellas for sale

East Challoch Moonshine
Really stunning small gelding full of character by Equuleus Thriller x Conejito of Fort
Foaled 15/5/19
TFS reg 0583
Can be seen in South West Scotland
Price GBP 3000.00
Contact 07900 288943 or.          eastchalloch@gmail.com

East Challoch Diego Valentino
Stunning black colt, really easy to handle and very friendly by Equuleus Ultimado x Bonita of Fort
Foaled 13/7/21
TFS 0759
Price GBP 4000.00
Can be seen in South West Scotland
Contact 07900 288943 or          eastchalloch@gmail.com

Esplendida of Fort
Top show quality palomino mare by Limelight’s Sabre ex Falabella Salina
TFS registration number: 0468
Foaled: 15/07/2013
In Kent UK
Price on application
Contact: 07880 664098 - fort.falabellas@mail.com


About Us
Buying a Falabella
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Gallery Links