Updated 14th January 2021

British Horse Society advice from 5 January 2021 following the latest lockdown announcement for England,
and are expected to remain in place until mid-February.
Viewing, buying and selling horses
Covid secure measures must be fully implemented when viewing and /or collecting purchased horses for transportation.
The collection of purchased horses is dependent on the individual circumstances and is at the discretion of the buyer if it is considered essential travel to collect the horse during the current lockdown, or if this can wait until lockdown has ended.

From 1st January 2020 The Falabella Studbook incorporates the European Falabella Studbook.

Please check regularly for news updates.

"It is a condition that a genuine Falabella horse must have 100% Falabella bloodlines."
(Asociacion de Criadores de Caballos Falabella)

ASA update.
Sandbeck Farm now listed as NON-COMPLIANT.
"Misleading advertising: Sandbeck Farm breaks the UK Ad Rules by making misleading claims on the website suggesting many of their horses are “Falabella” horses."

"Due to the continued non-compliance and disregard for the CAP Code, the CAP Compliance team took the decision to place Sandbeck Farm on this section of the ASA website on 2 April 2019. These details shall remain in place until Sandbeck Farm has amended their advertising to ensure compliance with the CAP Code."

Advertising Standards Authority ruling
(Misleading advertising- Sandbeck Farm)

To read the full ruling click this link:

New DEFRA microchipping regulations

From 1 October 2020 it will be mandatory for all owners to microchip their horses, ponies and donkeys.
Previously, only equines born after 2009 required a microchip, but the new requirement in the 2018 Regulations for older equines to possess a microchip will be enforced from 1 October 2020.

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