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From 1st January 2020 The British Falabella Studbook incorporates the Falabella Studbook Europe and has become 'The Falabella Studbook'.

Please check regularly for updates.

"It is a condition that a genuine Falabella horse must have 100% Falabella bloodlines."
(Asociacion de Criadores de Caballos Falabella)

"I hereby state that The British Falabella Studbook, held and managed by Ms. Stella Dutchyn,
is recognized by the Registry of the Minihorses Falabella and the Association of Breeders of Falabella Horses (ACCF in Spanish).
No other entity in the United Kingdom holds such status."

9th August 2018
Alejandro C. Gramajo
Official Registry Manager and Head of the ACCF in the Republic of Argentina.

We are now the only authorised Falabella studbook for the whole of Europe.

A Falabella is a rare breed miniature horse.
Very few miniature horses are Falabellas.

"All the Falabella horses that exist in the world come from horses that belonged to our breed.
Other horses called miniatures that do not have this origin are NOT FALABELLAS.
Be aware that there are associations, groups of persons and individuals that, with commercial goals, claim to have Falabellas,
often without documentation, and/or with fraudulently altered papers or invalid certificates issued in other countries."


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